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Breeding beautiful, athletic, purebred Arabian horses...


Welcome to Analiza Arabians!  Located on 40 acres in Noblesville, Indiana, this is a place of peace and tranquility for our purebred Arabian horses to grow and prosper.  Our horses enjoy regular turnout onto pasture and live in herds as nature intended, so that their bodies and minds can flourish.

We pleasure ride and compete with our horses in both show rings and distance rides, but our primary focus is breeding.  We strive to produce healthy, beautiful, purebred Arabians of good temperament and excellent conformation for good movement - horses that make a positive addition to the wonderful Arabian breed.  Great study and attention is given to choosing the best crosses for our mares, and our intention is to preserve the best Arabian bloodlines for future generations to enjoy!  To see what we have available, please visit our Sales Horses page.

To ensure quality foals, we typically breed to nationally known and accomplished stallions with both halter and performance producing pedigrees.  Our mares are predominantly of Polish bloodlines, and our focus is distant line breeding to the great *Bask++ PASB.  Our mare bloodlines include the great stallions *Probat SAHR, Negatraz, Allionce+/, Fame VF+ via Desert Heat+/, NV Beau Bey, Kaiyoum++, and First Cyte+.  In addition, two of our mares have tail female lines to the great mare *Orla PASB (Polish triple crown winner).  To learn more about our mares and their ancestry, please go to Our Mares page


“And God took a handful of southerly wind,

blew his breath over it ,

and created the horse.”

– Bedouin Legend  


Contact Us:

Gretchen McCormack, owner/manager

Noblesville, Indiana

Phone:  (317) 773-4844

Email:  mccormackgj@gmail.com

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